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What To Bring

We want you to get the most out of your trip with Rhonda’s Osprey. We’ve created a few reminders for items you may want to bring along!

Food & Drinks

Most importantly, lunch and snacks to keep your belly full throughout the day! Only the fish should be hungry. On the same note, hydration is key! We’ll be in the vast ocean waters, but water and beverages to quench your thirst are highly recommended, while Alcoholic beverages are supported and encouraged as well.

Bring your camera to capture your experience to show your friends and family at home, and pack sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat to stay protected from the sun.

We also suggest bringing along a sweatshirt and some warm clothing for the early morning trips out of Ocean City, MD.

Equipment & Rules

Don’t forget a cooler to transport your fish home, but please leave it in your vehicle until we return at the end of the day. Fish cleaning and mounting services are available at the marina.

If you are prone to motion sickness, or know that your stomach can’t handle constant movement in the sea, we strongly encourage you to take Dramamine or Bonine. Both are over-the-counter medications that prevent motion-sickness. Captain Joe Drosey, the Osprey Charters crew and your fellow fishermen will all appreciate it!

We just have a few simple rules… no glass bottles, no black soled shoes, no bananas on board, and keep our vessel drug-free.