March-April, 2011
The fishing in Isla Muerjes, Mexico (island off Cancun) was exceptional through mid-March.  We routinely had 15-25+ sailfish bites per day!!  While there are still some bites there, the action has definitely slowed.   If you have any interest in this level of world-class fishing, be sure to contact Capt. Joe Drosey directly (410-977-9669) – he’s already scheduling this for next year.

Isla MujerasMexico

Back in Palm Beach, we’re still having some fairly good catches for sailfish mixed with Dolphin (Mahi-mahi), Cobia, Kingfish, Spinner Sharks, and Golden Hammerhead Sharks.  Typically a good day has been up to 6-7 sailfish bites a day, with the average being 2-3 bites a day.   We’ve also seen a lot of Bonita.   Our catching success has been close to 100%!!    Come join the action – call (410-977-9669) or email ( today to book your trip. 

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hammer head sharkshark

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